For the last few years Luminis, a cozy ICT company has been my professional home. I enjoyed much freedom and responsibilities, have worked with some very creative and innovative people, and was privileged to contribute to an impressive MDE success story by a very large industrial client. However MDE as Luminis competence had never grown big enough to become a core business, which eventually and unfortunately led us to a parting of the ways.

Per July 1st I will join Zest Group, a company specialized in business process improvement in Utilities, Industries, Government and Healthcare sectors. A new addition to their arsenal is business engineering empowered by agile model-driven development. This is the area where I intend to contribute in various roles including business engineer, information analyst and modeling coach.

With this change my old wish of applying MDE to business processes comes to a realization. I am also very excited to work with one of the best tools in this area, OutSystems Agile Platform. I consider the fact that it’s becoming possible to have a 100% MDE oriented work, as a long awaited yet cautious sign of MDE commercialization. Whether my expectations will turn true, only time will tell. Nevertheless I am eagerly looking forward to a new start. Wish me good luck 🙂